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Emergency Shin Splints Plan

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

I write a lot of programs for military and police guys and give advice to heaps of them on things like running training for fitness tests.

The other day I got a question from a guy who was 8 weeks out from Army recruit training and who had developed shin splints (probably from too much running on hard surfaces) .  Generally I try to limit the amount of running I give to my clients and we take care of their cardio fitness through other means.  This guys wasn’t one of my clients but since he was in a bit of trouble so close to his enlistment date I gave him the following plan so that hopefully he’ll recover in time and won’t suffer too badly through recruit training!!

The only things that help acute shin splints in the short term are the following.

1. Not running
2. Not getting them in the first place.

Assuming you can already pass the required run standards you will be able to give them some time off and maintain your fitness before you hit recruit training.

Try the following.

1. Stop all running and don’t do ANY for the next 6 weeks.
2. Take 2 weeks off any loaded leg movement, swimming and cycling are fine.
3. After 2 weeks get a kettlebell or use dumbells to do all your conditioning. Do loads of timed swings and snatches, do boxing circuits, row, cycle and swim.
4. In the last two weeks before you go down do no more than 2 sessions a week of running, on grass, no more than 3 x 400m to start with and 3 x 800m to finish with.

Running is a skill and you will bounce back with only a few practice sessions as long as you keep your fitness up.

Other stuff.

1. Get your shoes checked and buy new ones
2. Try massage, ice, contrast baths, acupunture stretching etc. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but they never make things worse
3. Take your fish oil, multivitamin, protein etc and get as much sleep as possible, all very important for recovery.

Good luck with it

Contact Magazine Part 5

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Another two articles from the archives this time dealing with workouts using minimal equipment and another on preventing common overuse injuries.

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