Kettlebells are an ideal way for Police, Fire and Military personnel to develop an extreme level of conditioning with only a couple of pieces of equipment.

Kettlebells have been around for over a hundred years however they have only recently been re-introduced to Australia.



Octogen principal and head trainer Don Stevenson is the leading exponent of kettlebell training in Australia and the first registered fitness professional to complete the kettlebell course run by Russian Master of Sport Pavel Tsatsouline.


Kettlebell training involves using a weight shaped like a cannon ball with a handle on top to perform a variety of presses, squats and unique ballistic drills.

Kettlebells develop supreme functional fitness and resistance to common injuries suffered by military and emergency services personnel.

For the general fitness enthusiast kettlebells offer superior fat burning and strength training results in a time efficient package.

Octogen runs regular kettlebell workshops, group kettlebell classes and personal training.  We also run closed workshops for police, fire and military units.