Martial Arts

Are you prepared for your next fight?

It could be in 3 months time in the ring or it could be tomorrow when you walk out the front door!

Maintaining optimal conditioning is a major part of being prepared for any situation that you might find yourself in.

At Octogen we have a range of unique training methods designed not only to improve your strength, speed and endurance but also to toughen you up and prepare you for the challenges of combat.

Here are just some of the methods we use to build never say die conditioning in martial artists.

– Olympic lifting for maximal strength and power.

– Kettlebells for grip strength and cardio conditioning.

– Rocks and kegs.  Handling odd objects simulates the demands of handling an opponent much better than barbells and dumbells

– Tough circuits including all of the above!

If you have been jogging 4-5km and doing pushups and bodybuilding exercises then you have been missing out on real martial arts conditioning.

We can design and implement training plans for individuals and dojos/clubs and can also do one off workshops on any of our training methods.

Call us on 0416 075 265 or to find out how to take your fitness to the next level.