Whether you are in the Army, Navy or Air Force, fitness is of paramount importance for dealing with the demands of military operations.

Nowhere else are the demands so great and the stakes so high.

Combat  presents a range of physical challenges which are

  • Largely anaerobic
  • Involve the whole body
  • Carried out under load
  • Repeated in a short time frame
  • Conducted in hostile environments

Given these factors you simply cannot expect to become combat fit on a diet of pushups and running or with a bodybuilding program plucked from a fitness magazine.

Combat offers a randomised mix of physical challenges.

So should your training program!


At Octogen we specialise in  fitness programs that meet the demands of combat.

We utilise a wide variety of training methods to deliver programs that develop

  • Superior injury resistance
  • Greater speed and power
  • Enhanced endurance and work capacity
  • Maximal strength

Talk to us today about how we can make you combat fit!