Octogen Strength Coach Product Guarantee

All of my E-books and DVDs come with a special 100% and  200% money back guarantee.  

If at any time in the first 30 days you decide that the program or DVD is not suitable for you then you can request a no questions asked refund for 100% of the purchase price.

If you use any of my programs for a full 8 weeks and don;t make any progress on your fitness then I will refund you 200% of the purchase price.

Beat the Beep Test

Our best selling pre-enlistment fitness test program for all Emergency services and Military candidates.  Beat the Beep test is the comprehensive guide on how to train for the Beep Test.

Contains 6 programs in 3 levels from complete beginner to advanced as well as tips on beep test technique.

Beat the Beep Test is $37.00 and includes a month of email support for any program enquiries as well.



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Couch to Commando

Couch to Commando is 165  pages long with over 130 pages of programs divided into 6 different levels to provide a progression suitable to take anyone from Couch Potato to Commando Candidate.

The programs cover all aspects of military fitness including maximal strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


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Kettlebell Power Secrets Manual and DVD

This manual and DVD package is a complete introduction to kettlebell training for beginner through to intermediate kettlebell users.

All of the fundamental kettlebell exercises are covered in detail along with programs for strength, endurance and fat loss.

Forget paying $120 for a beginners book and DVD! The kettlebell power secrets package is now available for the first time as an E-Book + DVD package for the special price of $39.00 plus $5 postage worldwide!


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Strength and Conditioning DVD Magazine

Back in stock!

This 4 DVD set includes heaps of new ideas for anyone who wants to take their training outside the box. Tyre workouts, strongman training, olympic lifting, advanced kettlebell exercises, home made equipment and much more!

For a complete contents list click here

Originally these were $84 for three DVDs but we have slashed the price and included the original bonus DVD for just $59.95 which includes postage to anywhere in the world!


Advanced Kettlebell DVD

Following on from the success of our original Kettlebell Power Secrets DVD comes our new DVD “Kettlebell Power Secrets 2 – Advanced Training”

This new DVD is not just a huge collection of different exercises designed to reduce boredom by giving you endless options. Instead it is a collection of the advanced exercises I use with clients to push their strength and conditioning to a higher level.

For more info including a sample video click here

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